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3D scanner

Redefining 3D scanning on the go! No expertise required.

The Scoobe3D Precision is a smartphone-sized wireless 3D scanner with breakthrough technology. Designed to help you create 3D models with ease.

The Scoobe3D Precision is already changing the 3D world

Revolutionary 3D scanner for scanning and digitizing - wireless, handheld and pocket-sized

Easy to use

No learning curve, no software installations and no technical setup required. Step-by-step on-screen instructions


One-handed wireless use. Scan anywhere, even without internet

Scans any surface / no powder required

Works on all colors / Materials with industrial accuracy (0.5 - 0.1 mm)

Front and back of the Scoobe3D High-Precision industrial 3D Scanner mobile view

Scoobe3D Precision™ with patented Polarox™ technology

Flag of USA, Europe and Germany for patent space representation


A solution that eliminates the need for tedious searching, storing and duplicating of data

Editable 3D models (.STEP)

Allows the user to quickly correct erroneous data captured during the scanning process

Made for teamwork

Designed to enable teamwork with 3D models even remotely

How the Scoobe3D works

With the mobile handheld scanner, you can create closed 3D models as easily as panoramic photos. After the scan, the algorithm calculates your 3D model on the secure on the secure Scoobe3D servers (encrypted according to German banking standards).
Within 30 minutes your finished 3D model is waiting for you to download and process it.

Icon for the scan process with the Scoobe3D 3D scanner

1. You scan your object

Icon for the calculation of 3D models on Scoobe3D servers | professional 3D scanner

2. Your scan is calculated on the server

Icon for getting 3D model and downloading | 3D scanner handheld

3. You receive your finished 3D model

Our customers report their experience with the Scoobe3D

More and more customers are enthusiastic about the smooth integration of the 3D scanner into their workflows. Read here their personal impressions of the Scoobe3D handheld scanner

"This 3D scanner combines exactly what I was looking for in one device - portability, ease of use and effectiveness."

Play Video about Hannes Jacob Homepage Image
Play Video about Hannes Jacob Homepage Image
Hannes Jacob
Scoobe3D user

Supported industries

The handheld 3D scanner adapts to the needs of your industry. Creating closed 3D models becomes as easy as taking a panoramic photo with the compact Scoobe3D.

Mechanical Engineering

Packaging industry


Play video
Play video

Check out the teaser for the next live webinar

3D scanning: Weekly Live Webinar

Scoobe3D live demonstration: To give you a better idea of the Scoobe3D, we present the innovative 3D scanner. Every Thursday at 13:00 Central European Time you will get a live insight where we will answer your questions.

How do I know if Scoobe3D is the right scanner for me?

The Scoobe3D handheld scanner is used in many different industries and companies. Find out how the new 3D scanning technology can help you with your challenges.

Get free expert advice and find out how Scoobe3D can benefit your business.

Play video
Play video

Share your concerns and goals with us. How will you use the Scoobe3D scanner?

How do you choose the best 3D scanner?

Choosing a 3D scanner is a tricky task. How do you know which scanner is right for you?

What does a 3D scanner cost? 

A reasonable scan quality costs money. But many 3D scanners cost more than you have to spend. Find the right scanner for you and save a lot of money.

Here are some resources to help you make the best choice for your mobile scanner. These resources are designed to save you the long 3D scanner research and valuable time.


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We are happy to share the latest 3D trends, tips and tactics.