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Scoobe3D Precision


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3 cameras: ToF, Photogrammetry (21 MP RGB) and Polarization (21 MP RGB)
Accuracy: 0.1-0.2 mm
Memory: 2GB RAM, 64 GB internal memory
Case: Scratch-resistant aluminium
Software Scan Package: from 0€ / month
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Our customers report their experience with the Scoobe3D

More and more customers are enthusiastic about the smooth integration of the 3D scanner into their workflows. Read here their personal impressions of the Scoobe3D handheld scanner

"This 3D scanner combines exactly what I was looking for in one device - portability, ease of use and effectiveness."

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Play Video about Hannes Jacob Homepage Image
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Supported industries

The Handheld 3D scanner adapts to the needs of your industry. Creating editable 3D models for CAD becomes as easy as taking a panoramic photo with the compact Scoobe3D:
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Mechanical Engineering

Packaging industry


How the Scoobe3D works

With the handheld scanner, you can create editable 3D models for CAD just as easily as panoramic photos. After the scan, the algorithm calculates your 3D model on the secure Scoobe3D servers (encrypted according to German banking standards).
Within 30 minutes, your finished 3D model is waiting for you to download and process it.

With the hand scanner you can create editable 3D models for CAD just as easily as panoramic photos. After the scan, the algorithm calculates your 3D model on the secure Scoobe3D servers (encrypted according to German banking standards).

Within 10 minutes your finished 3D model is waiting for you to download and process it.

Icon for the scan process with the Scoobe3D 3D scanner

1. You scan your object

Icon for the calculation of 3D models on Scoobe3D servers | professional 3D scanner

2. Your scan is calculated on the server

Icon for getting 3D model and downloading | 3D scanner handheld

3. You receive your finished 3D model

Why is a server plan a good choice for me?

In one sentence: A cloud-based server gives you editable STEP files, top customer support and the best possible 3D scanner.

Why do I need a server contract?

The portable Scoobe3D scanner captures the raw data in the form of images from different positions of the object. The subsequent calculation is based on the graphics performance of a server set up for this purpose. You can access this service via the server plans.

How much does the server contract cost?

The price starts at 49€ per month. This depends on the type of package and the number of scans. You can choose between three different packages: Professional, Business and Enterprise. If necessary, you can switch to a free tariff at any time.

The Professional rate with 20 scans for €49 is included for the first month of purchase. A credit is only deducted when you download the 3D model.

How secure are the servers?

Since you are working with sensitive data, the security of the server is of great concern to us. By encrypting your data according to German banking standards, all your 3D scanner data is protected. The standard also guarantees your desired data protection.

Benefit from top customer support

Another advantage of a server is that you receive first-class customer support. Through the server structure, you get effective and quick solutions to your problems.

May I process the data myself on my computer?

The cloud system with servers and the corresponding GPUs offers the advantage that your 3D data is calculated as quickly as possible. The servers offer the necessary graphics performance to process your 3D models in the best possible way.

In the near future, it will be possible to install the server solution directly on site.


The Scoobe3D Precision is designed for simplicity and efficiency, eliminating the need for cables, laptops or additional software. We have developed an intuitive step-by-step guide that allows users to learn how to operate the scanner in less than 10 minutes, even without prior experience. Follow these simple steps to get high-quality 3D scans:

  1. Place the object: Place your object on a waist-high, flat surface, e.g. a round bar table. Cover this surface with the gray cloth included in your scan package to avoid reflections. Avoid scanning directly onto reflective surfaces such as metal or shiny plastic.
  2. Optimize the lighting: You will achieve the best scanning results if you ensure that the light is evenly distributed around the object so that it is evenly illuminated from all sides. Make sure there are no cast shadows and avoid direct sunlight.
  3. Apply scan spray: If you are scanning highly reflective or black objects, use scan spray to improve data capture.
  4. Set up the scan cards: Place the two scan cards from your kit in front of and behind the object.
  5. Initiate the scanning process: Start the scanning process by pressing the "+" button on your Scoobe3D scanner.
  6. Set the scanning angle: Point the Scoobe3D at the object at an angle of 45° to capture both the top and the side.
  7. Scan the first position: Hold still while the Scoobe3D scans the first position.
  8. Go to the next position: Follow the instructions on the screen and go to the next position.
  9. Complete a full circle: Walk around the object and make sure you complete a 360° circle. If you have missed a position, simply return to it.
  10. End the scan: As soon as you have circled the object, your scan is automatically completed.
  11. Optional scan of the underside: To obtain a complete 360° model, rotate the object and perform a second scan. It is recommended to combine three scans (top, side, bottom) to fully capture the data.
  12. Upload the scan: Make sure you have a stable internet connection so that your scan can be uploaded automatically. Without internet, the scan will be saved and the upload and calculation of the 3D model will take place as soon as you reconnect to Wi-Fi.
  13. Receive your 3D model: You will be notified as soon as the 3D model has been processed.
    14. Access and share your 3D model: You can view the 3D model directly in your Scoobe3D. You can access the 3D model from the web app via the browser on your computer/tablet and download the 3D model in your preferred file format (including STEP and STL). You can also share the 3D model directly from the webapp via email or link.

Watch a video of the scanning process here.

The time you need to scan an object with the Scoobe3D is usually between 5 and 10 minutes per 3D model. However, if you want to create a comprehensive 360° 3D model, you should multiply this time by 3, as you have to make three separate scans (top, side and bottom) and then merge them.

In any case. The Scoobe3D scanner is not limited to creating point clouds and meshes (PLY, STL), but it can also generate intelligent STEP files. These STEP files are particularly useful as they can be seamlessly integrated into your favorite CAD software, allowing for a smooth transition from scanning to CAD modeling. This capability makes the Scoobe3D scanner an invaluable tool for professionals who need accurate and CAD-ready models.

If you are interested in exploring this role further, please contact our sales team at

  • You can find the eagerly awaited 3D models in the upper section of the product page under the "3D scans" tab

The Scoobe3D Precision is ideal for scanning a wide range of visible surfaces, even those that are highly reflective. However, it struggles with transparent materials such as glass and deep black objects that do not reflect light. As an optical 3D scanner, its effectiveness depends on its ability to capture optically recognizable materials, and transparent or deep black surfaces do not normally fall into this range.

Currently, the Scoobe3D is capable of scanning materials of different colors, including very light and dark surfaces as well as different textures such as metal, plastic, wood, stone and porcelain. It can also process objects with mixed colors and semi-transparent materials. For optimal data capture on such materials, the use of a scanner spray is recommended to enhance the scanner's data capture capabilities.

In the future, we will continue to expand the material compatibility of the scanner and work continuously to improve the quality of the 3D models produced. This commitment to innovation and development ensures that the Scoobe3D remains a versatile and powerful tool for a wide range of scanning applications.

Watch the Scoobe3D Precision usage Video video.

Yes, the Scoobe3D scanner is not only suitable for reverse engineering, but also very effective in this application. In fact, many of our customers use the Scoobe3D specifically for reverse engineering projects. With the Scoobe3D, you can bypass the time-consuming process of creating 3D models from scratch. Instead, you can quickly obtain complete 3D models by merging scans from three different perspectives: from above, from the side and from below. This approach drastically reduces the development time from several days to a few hours.

In addition, the Scoobe3D scanner can create intelligent STEP files which are invaluable for reverse engineering. These files can be easily customized to ensure that object dimensions are accurately maintained, making them an excellent starting point for detailed CAD work. This capability is particularly beneficial for industries where precision is important.

For further information, our sales team is available to provide detailed insights and application examples.

The Scoobe3D scanner is capable of capturing color and texture information. However, it is important to note that this feature is not yet fully optimized, as our main focus is to achieve the highest possible quality for 3D models, especially for industrial applications. In many industrial applications, the precision and accuracy of the geometry of the 3D model is more important than textures and colors. Therefore, while the scanner can capture colors and textures, these aspects are not the focus of our current development work.

The Scoobe3D scanner is currently suitable for scanning objects up to 1m³. Although we will explore whole-body scanning in future developments, this is not our main focus at the moment. However, the Scoobe3D Precision is excellent for certain body scanning applications, such as scanning hands and feet, making it a valuable tool in orthopaedics, prosthetics manufacturing and related fields.

Our latest developments have significantly reduced the time required for a scan: it now takes between 3 and 5 minutes. During this time, the body part must be kept still to obtain accurate data. Please note that special scanning conditions may be required for these specific applications. If you need more detailed information or would like to discuss your specific scanning requirements, please feel free to contact us:

The time you need to scan an object with the Scoobe3D is usually between 3 and 5 minutes per 3D model. However, if you want to create a comprehensive 360° 3D model, you should multiply this time by 3. This is because you need to take three separate scans (top, side and bottom) and then merge them together.

No, it is not possible to set up a personal server with the Scoobe3D software. Our system is designed to work with a central server for several important reasons:

  • Data security: The security of your data is our top priority. Our central servers are equipped with advanced security measures and encryption protocols that guarantee a level of protection that is difficult to achieve on a private server.
  • Software maintenance: Managing software updates on a personal server can be complex and time-consuming. Our centralized system ensures that all users have access to the latest, most stable version of the software without additional effort or cost.
  • High-performance computing: Our servers are optimized for high-performance computing, which is necessary for processing complex 3D models. This ensures faster and more efficient processing than would be possible with a standard home server.
  • Simplified user experience: Our goal is to offer an easy-to-use 3D scanner. A centralized server simplifies the user experience by seamlessly handling all calculation requests and software updates.
  • Cost efficiency: Running a personal server for 3D model calculations can significantly increase overall costs. Our centralized server approach is more economical and makes 3D scanning accessible to a larger number of users.
    Scalability: As your demand for scans grows, our servers can easily handle the increasing data load without performance degradation.
  • Professional support and uptime: Our centralized servers are maintained by a professional team that ensures high uptime and reliability.
  • Regular backups: We regularly back up our systems to reduce the risk of data loss due to hardware failures or other problems.

These factors - data security, software maintenance, high-performance computers, user-friendliness, cost efficiency, scalability, professional support and reliable backups - are essential for the provision of a professional 3D scanning service and are best guaranteed by our central server system.

You can download your 3D models in the following file formats:

Point cloud:

  • ply


  • ply
  • stl
  • stp

For CAD:

  • Intelligent stp

We don't sell you anything that isn't useful to you. We are 100% sure that you will love the Scoobe3D. That's why we've introduced a 7-day return guarantee upon receipt. This way you can test your 3D scanner for 7 days before deciding whether you want to keep it.

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