Advantages of Quality Assurance in 3D

A small metal part is scanned with the Scoobe3D Precision

Revolutionize Quality Assurance?

The aim of quality assurance is to detect and correct qualitative defects during production at an early stage in order to achieve the highest quality of your parts. More and more quality assurance and control departments are clamoring for a 3D scanner.

Why is this tool so popular? You check the quality of your end products and tools with a 3D much more precisely and efficiently. Especially in mechanical engineering, you benefit from the reliability, mobility and simplicity of your new tool.

Read on to learn more about 3D quality assurance using a concrete example from the foundry.

3D Scanning and Quality Assurance

A casting of a hot water bottle is scanned with the Scoobe3D

As a quality engineer of a foundry, you are responsible for the regular control of the finished castings. Your task is to prevent devastating production errors and to guarantee high quality of the parts.

A reliable quality assurance is guaranteed by a 3D scanner. After the scan, you receive 3D models, which you check precisely on the computer for accuracy and quality.

However, not every 3D scanner fits the requirements of quality assurance. Each device focuses on different functions. Especially in terms of mobility, workload, user-friendliness and pre-treatment, you will have more work to do depending on the scanner. 

These criteria play a crucial role in choosing the right device to make quality assurance much easier for you. Make sure you find the perfect 3D scanner for quality assurance of your molds and consider the following factors before buying:

1. Work effort

  • It costs you manpower to dismantle the heavy, fixed scan objects and transport them with the forklift to the stationary scanner 
  • Afterwards, you transport the parts back and install them again, whereby you quickly reach a total of time expenditure of 4h
  • You could invest this time in more meaningful tasks

2. Mobility

  • Often, besides heavy objects, the scanning environment also interferes
  • A portable 3D scanner makes the scanning process much easier due to its high mobility
  • You bring a mobile scanner to the casting with ease and scan on the spot
  • The production line continues to run smoothly and you work much more relaxed

3. User-friendliness

  • About 60% of the castings are reflective
  • With commercially available 3D scanners you scan shiny materials with complex pre-treatment
  • Using chalk spray or applying markers to your scan items often takes about 1 h
  • You also clean the objects afterwards
  • A scanner that eliminates the need for pre-treatment is optimal

So, with the most common 3D scanners, you have pre-treatment, generally more effort and hassle because of mobility. Don't worry: there is a solution to overcome these obstacles and at the same time check your castings with high precision.

For Error-Free Production - Your Solution

How exactly do you manage to optimize the quality of your castings? The Scoobe3D Precision guarantees you high quality results owing to its precise resolution and accuracy.

You detect even small errors in your production in no time and fix them before they cause major damage. Your production continues to run smoothly.

1. Pre-treatment

In addition to the precise 3D scan, you also scan reflective surfaces with the Scoobe3D Precision. The tedious pre-treatment of your castings is no longer necessary thanks to the patented Polarox technology.

Discover a new scanning experience through the unique combination of photogrammetry, time-of-flight technology and polarization. You save about 1 h pre-treatment time and start scanning right away.

2. Mobility

What's the point of conveniently scanning any surface if your castings are in hard-to-reach storage locations? The answer: mobility! 

The Scoobe3D Precision is a portable handheld 3D scanner. Its handy smartphone format allows you to use the scanner in your pocket anywhere - even far away from power sources and cables due to its integrated battery. With the mobile 3D scanner, you save 4 h conversion and transport time.

3. User-friendliness

In addition to mobility, the Scoobe3D Precision's Android interface provides you with a unique user-friendliness. Save yourself days of training and learn to use the 3D scanner easily in 10 minutes.

Step-by-step instructions that guide you through the scan are displayed directly on the Scoobe3D Precision's screen. This allows you to scan in just 15 minutes and, once the 3D model has been calculated on the server, you immediately start quality assurance.

Convince your colleagues quickly of the new tool - even without previous experience, any employee operates the 3D scanner in the twinkling of an eye.

Highest Quality of Your Molds

Someone looks at the result of the scan on the Scoobe3D

The 3D models of the Scoobe3D Precision guarantee you a high precision quality assurance and inspection of your castings. Your production planning will succeed in no time due to the high data accuracy of the scans.

Correcting and duplicating your casting is much easier, because the 3D models of the Scoobe3D Precision you can detect production errors at an early stage. In no time at all, you can correct the defects and continue production.

This is also possible with a complex or reflective surface of the castings, as you scan directly without pre-treatment of the object. In contrast to inline solutions, the Scoobe3D Precision is particularly convincing due to its flexibility, which you can use in the course of 3D quality assurance to process optimization process optimization.

You use the mobile Scoobe3D Precision directly on site in the production area and use the precise 3D model for quality assurance. Increase the quality of your castings and the satisfaction of your customers with the 3D scanner. Curious? Find out more in the data sheet of the Scoobe3D - download it directly here.

The 3D models created by the Scoobe3D Precision guarantee high-precision quality assurance and inspection of your castings. You plan your production in no time thanks to the high data accuracy of the scans. 

The Scoobe3D Precision solves the challenge of reflective surfaces in particular. Neither the application of stickers nor the use of chalk spray is necessary - you scan any surface without pre-treatment or post-processing.

With the Scoobe3D Precision, you can reliably get to your prototype. Discover more in the data sheet of the Scoobe3D and download it directly here.

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