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5 common myths about 3D scanning busted

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When you think of 3D scanning, do you imagine something complicated and very expensive that is only for technical experts? It's time to change that perception and dispel some common myths about 3D scanning.

Let's uncover the reality and show that 3D scanning is more accessible and affordable than you might think

Myth 1: Too expensive

The belief that 3D scanning is far too expensive is a widespread misconception. It is true that conventional devices can be expensive and break budgets of tens of thousands of euros. In addition, conventional devices often require specialist staff. But this is exactly where the Scoobe3D Precision comes into play.

Scoobe3D is a portable device, no bigger than a smartphone. It offers an affordable and easily accessible solution that maintains the high quality of your projects. The time and cost savings mean that your investment in Scoobe3D often pays for itself after just six months.

Myth 2: Requires specialist knowledge

Another myth is that 3D scanning requires trained professionals due to the complex software and equipment involved. Scoobe3D breaks this barrier with its user-friendly design that makes it accessible to anyone, regardless of their level of experience. In fact, you can learn how to use the Scoobe3D Precision in just 10 minutes.

Myth 3: Requires additional equipment

It is a misconception that you need additional laptops or software for effective 3D scanning. Contrary to this assumption, you use the Scoobe3D independently and it delivers editable 3D models directly to the cloud. Thanks to its wireless and ultra-portable design, you can also scan on the go.

Myth 4: Long reverse engineering process

The belief that 3D scanning and reverse engineering are time-consuming processes is outdated. Thanks to technological advances, such as Scoobe3D's intelligent STEP file extension, your scanning process can be significantly accelerated. Tasks that used to take days can now be completed in a matter of hours.

Myth 5: Data management is a nuisance

Managing 3D data is often seen as a complicated and tedious task, and it can be. However, with the right management strategy, you and your team can save hours. One example of simplified data management is Scoobe3D's cloud solution. It eliminates tasks such as searching, storing and duplicating data, increasing the overall efficiency of your projects.


These myths reflect an outdated understanding of 3D scanning technology. Things have changed. In reality, you get a technology that is versatile, efficient and increasingly accessible. 3D scanning is no longer just for tech enthusiasts. Scoobe3D makes 3D scanning accessible to everyone, including you.

Can Scoobe3D be your solution?

Discover how Scoobe3D simplifies work in various industries and makes complicated processes child's play.

Can Scoobe3D be your solution?

Discover how Scoobe3D simplifies work in various industries and makes complicated processes child's play.

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