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Let your devices see the world as you see it

At Scoobe3D we strive to innovate in a revolutionary way, combining the old with the new to create continuous improvement.

Let us shape the future together!

Our vision

3D data should be as easy and accessible as a 2D photo

We believe

3D data becomes accessible to everyone with ease of use and when all materials are scannable.

Our solution

A 3D scanner with the intuitive interface of a smartphone and novel technology that scans all materials.

Scoobe3D ... what is the meaning behind the name?

In 2017, we began searching for a synonym for easy 3D scanning - the name should be as innovative as the product. After numerous crisis meetings and brainstorming sessions, the flash of genius: to create a 3D scan with ease is to scoobe.  

You just tell your colleague, "I'll just scoobe this and then send it to you" - and the scanning process is already underway.  

Easy, quick, effortless 3D data. That’s what we wanted to give the world with the Scoobe3D scanner.

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The Scoobe3D Team

We are a young, humorous team of aspiring experts and enthusiastic technology nerds for whom team cohesion is very important and who share a passion: Changing the world.

A photo of our employee, founder and CEO Julian Berlow

Julian Berlow

CEO, founder and head of the development department

A photo of our employee and sales manager Ben Bönsch

Benjamin Boensch

Founder and developer

A photo of our employee, founder and marketing manager Carolin Kröger

Carolin Berlow

Founder and HR management

A photo of our employee in development Max Rosentreter

Max Rosentreter


A photo of our employee in the software development Jan Hüttemann

Jan Huettemann


A photo of our employee in marketing Max Faderl

Max Faderl

Marketing Management 

A placeholder photo for our employee

Petros Stavroulakis


A placeholder photo for our employee

Abdullah Omer Arol


A placeholder photo for our employee

Rodrigo Traverso

Video editor

A placeholder photo for our employee

Ujjwal Solanki


Our values


We do our work effectively and with passion.
We have high standards. We are proud of our work and like to improve.

Creating WOW through service

We move heaven and hell to make the customer happy. Even if this requires unusual actions. The customer is our friend - we want to be transparent and help him.


We believe in a workplace where it is allowed to try new things - where we can push the boundaries of normality and learn from things that don't always go to plan.

We strive for a just and blame-free culture that respects people as individuals and pavesthe way for real learning and continuous improvement.

The human being comes first

We are growing super fast - grow with us! Everyone at Scoobe3D is encouraged to develop in their career.

We are successful by building relationships through transparent communication. Vulnerability in the workplace? We practice it.

Dare to be vulnerable and show yourself, your team and our partners who you really are. We value authenticity and connection to our mission!

What our employees say about Scoobe3D

The development of our employees is central to Scoobe3D. It is very important to us that you determine your tasks and can develop freely. Our long-term employees support you and integrate you into the team. At the same time, fun is not neglected, for example through team-building.

Read what our employees have to say about Scoobe3D:

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Design the world of tomorrow in a young company. At Scoobe3D, we make a 3D scanner that makes 3D models as easy as taking a 2D photo. Experience agile working in a high-tech company and turn your own ideas into reality. 

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