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3D Printing Ideas: Cool Things to 3D Print + Files

3D printer, 3D printed items and a laptop on a table

Do you remember your first 3D printing project? It was the first time you used your 3D printer and the possibilities were endless. But after you printed the phone case you needed and that fun toy from YouTube, your 3D printer was just gathering dust. The following list keeps the spark alive and gives you some ideas for cool things to 3D print.

Provide yourself, your friends and family with something you all need but can't buy in a store - or print unique, personalized gifts for birthdays and holidays.

From small trinkets to large household items, you're sure to find exciting things to 3D print in this list, along with links to files to download for your printer. Note: The linked 3D models are external models.

Download Cool 3D Printing Ideas and Files

Self Watering Flower Pot

Houseplants stand on the floor

Keep your plants alive and your conscience clear. If, like many of us, you constantly forget to water your plants, this clever little flower pot is a great item for your home. It's suitable for both herbs and traditional potted plants.

Download the files for self watering flower pots here

Bottle Opener and Cap Gun

Several sealed bottles stand in boxes

The Johnny Lawrence bottle cap flick had its 5 minutes of fame - but this is the new and improved way to shoot your bottle caps across the room. This fun bottle opener and cap gun is easy to build.

All you need is a rubber band and some screws to match the 3D printed parts. Turn your private cocktail bar into a harmless shooting gallery and make your weekends more fun.

Download the files for the bottle opener and cap gun here

Slim Wallet for Credit Cards

Three credit cards lie on top of each other on a table

One of the new trends in the wallet business is to replace the traditional wallet with a compact and elegant credit card holder. This slim version of a card holder consists of three parts that can be easily assembled after 3D printing to create a modern kind of wal let. The holder features a button to slide out the cards and holds up to five cards.

Download the files for slim credit card holders here

Beautiful Circular Lamp

A light bulb lies on a white table

If you're looking for a beautiful lamp that looks like a high-end home decor store, this is the perfect 3D printed project for you. The simple circular design makes it a real eye-catcher in the room and besides the eleven 3D printed parts, all you need is an LED strip, some glue and a piece of sandpaper.

Download the files of the circular lamp here

Watch Stand

A gold and black wristwatch lies on a table

Showcase your beautiful mechanical watches in style with this simple, yet elegant watch stand - perfect for your watch box.

Download the files for the watch stand here

Hexx Case Toolbox

Various tools lie on a garden table

Of all the exciting things on this list of cool 3D printed objects, this item is perhaps the most useful. This modular, stackable, and scalable toolbox not only looks fantastic, but is also extremely practical.

This storage solution makes efficient use of materials, features individual boxes to organize your tools, and can be rolled up into a hexagonal box with handle.

Download the files of the Hexx Case toolbox here

With these cool 3D printing ideas, you're guaranteed not to get bored. If 3D scanning and printing is more than just a hobby, a professional 3D scanner is the way to go. One example is the Scoobe3D Precision, which allows you to turn your hobby into a business.

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