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The Scoobe3D Precision will offer different scanning modes. A mode for very accurate scanning and in the near future a fast mode with lower accuracy (0.5-1 mm accuracy). To scan an object with 0.1 mm accuracy, this is currently the scanning process:

  1. Place the object on a free, flat surface. The surface must stand out clearly from the object. The scanning surface and the surroundings of the object should not reflect or mirror.
  2. The lighting must be indirect (diffuse) and illuminate the object from all sides, ideally the main light comes from above. Shadows cast by the object should be avoided.
  3. Place the two supplied scan cards in front of and behind the object at a distance of 3-6 cm -> For 0.1 mm accuracy; currently necessary to perform a scan.
  4. Place the Scoobe3D in the tripod mount and point your Scoobe3D at the scan object at a 45° angle to the surface.
  5. Start your scan -> this is how you scan the top and the side of the object
  6. Keep the tripod still while the Scoobe3D scans the first position
  7. Then move the tripod and the Scoobe3D to the next position (the user interface will guide you).
  8. Walk in a circle around the object
  9. Your scan is finished as soon as you have recorded all scan positions.
  10. To upload your finished scan, make sure you have a stable internet connection. Without an internet connection, buffering is also possible. The calculation of your 3D model will then be postponed until an internet connection is available.
  11. A high-precision 3D model is then calculated on the server and sent to your Scoobe3D.
  12. You can email the 3D model directly from your Scoobe3D. Or you can access the web app from a computer and download the 3D model in your preferred file format (including STEP and STL). You can also share the 3D model by email from your computer.

As we are constantly developing the Scoobe3D and adapting it to customer needs, the process may change slightly.

  • Yes, the Scoobe3D Precision delivers STEP files if you use a Professional Scan Plan. You can then work with the STEP format in any CAD software. This way you adapt the assembly according to your ideas: simple operations like scaling the size in X-, Y-, and/or Z-direction are possible. An example procedure with FreeCAD: Convert STL to solids
  • Changes that require a clean mathematical description of the model in detail are not possible. For example, it is not possible to change the radius of a cylindrical element of the 3D model. For a professional processing a reverse engineering tool would have to be used here.
  • The Scoobe3D Precision also generates OBJ and STL files if you only use a Free Scan Plan. These files can be derived from STL to STEP using, among other things, the paid "Solidworks". This is possible in Solidworks by default, but difficult for large files (sometimes you need to install an importer module, which can be downloaded for free from the Solidworks homepage).
  • The resolution of the Scoobe3D Precision is 0.1 mm in X, Y, Z at a distance of 50 cm from the measurement object.
  • At a distance of 2 meters, the resolution is 0.5 mm in X and Y axis.
  • You will find the eagerly awaited 3D models in the upper section of the Scoobe3D High-Precision pages under the tab "3D Scans": Here
  • All visible surfaces work well, even if they are highly reflective. Not possible are transparent surfaces (e.g. glass) and deep black objects (e.g. black holes) that reflect absolutely no light.
  • Background: An optical scanner only picks up optically detectable materials. Transparent and deep black objects are not included.
  • During the beta phase you can already scan the following materials: white, blue, reflective, metal. All other materials (red, green and more) will be unlocked after the beta phase.
  • Watch the Scoobe3D Precision usage Video video.
  • Not yet.
  • Wir wissen, dass Geschwindigkeit wichtig ist, wenn man Personen scannt. Deshalb kommt bald ein High-Speed-Scan-Modus (<1 min) mit einer Genauigkeit von 0,5 – 1 mm. Jedoch ist ein einzelner Scoobe3D Precision eher für den Scan von nicht beweglichen Objekten unter 1m ausgelegt.
  • For extra recording speed, it is possible to scan a person with multiple Scoobe3Ds to record everything in seconds. You also have access to an open API so you can program your own apps to connect all the devices you need. The devices are equipped with Bluetooth and can be triggered via Bluetooth.
  • It's hard to say how many devices you'll need in the end. It really depends on what application is most important to you: the distance between Scoobe3D and the person, the number of devices, or the accuracy. For our scans, we usually use 30 positions at the moment, depending on the object.
  • We don't sell you anything that is not useful to you, we are 100% sure that you will love the Scoobe3D. That's why we've introduced a 14-day return guarantee upon receipt. This way you can test your 3D scanner for 14 days before you decide whether you want to keep it.
  • We have gone through this question a million times ourselves here at Scoobe3D because the security of your data is very important to us. However, we have good reasons for our decision to realize Scoobe3D with a server:
  • Maintenance costs: For the beginning it is quite expensive to run your own server. This increases the total cost of your 3D model. Using one server to calculate all 3D models is a cost effective solution that supports our goal of making 3D scanning accessible to everyone.
  • Software updates and troubleshooting: Fixing bugs is an essential part of any software development. Therefore, any software update would have to be uploaded to your server by yourself in order to implement it. This is very time consuming and complicated - contrary to our premise of developing an easy to use 3D scanner. It also makes the 3D scanner more expensive, as these updates would probably have to be released as new versions of the software. The web-based server solution was chosen because it ensures that all our customers have a stable and reliable software version available at all times.
  • Security of the own server: If you use your own computer for calculation, you would have to set up an intensive security system to be on the safe side - especially with Windows computers. We will implement regular security updates and effective encryption to ensure that your files are only your data. The encryption works with a key that is unique to each user, so only you can access your data. We do not store any of your data outside of the calculation.

You can download your 3D models in the following file formats:

  • obj
  • ply
  • stl
  • stp
  • glb (available soon)
  • off (available soon)
  • If you want 0.1 mm accuracy right out of the box the two scan cards are necessary. The main reason for this is that it proved to be very hard to find the exact camera positions. This means we have very accurate polarization data from each position, but it is hard to combine it with the neighbor position without the cards. Also thanks to the cards, the Scoobe3D can directly recognize how big the object is and thus provide you with optimal scan results. This allows you to create high-precise 3d models immediately.
  • Soon you will receive a software update that will allow scanning without the cards. You will then be able to scan without them with an accuracy of 0.5 mm.
  • The two cards are included in your Scoobe3D packaging. If you lose a scan card or need an additional one write us an email at We will send you another one for free (or more if your colleague also needs a set).

To create a complete 360° 3D model, you can first scan the object from above and then from below. Both scans are then merged. This function and more information about it will be available soon.

To log in to the Scoobe3D app, you must first register. You can register on your computer at With the account you have created there, you can log in to your Scoobe3D. This is necessary to process your 3D scans. Using the Wepapp, you can access your 3D models from any computer with your account.

The startup process of the Scoobe3D Precision looks like this:

  1. Press and hold the power button (orange) until the LED lights up.
  2. LED goes off after 10-15 seconds and a penguin can be seen on the display.
  3. After approx. 30 seconds, the unit has booted up and you see the start screen.
  4. Click on the Scoobe3D app on your home screen to start scanning.
  • It is possible that the battery of the Scoobe3D Precision is empty. First try to charge the Scoobe3D for 2 hours.
  • If the display remains black, you can restart the device by using the monkey grip. That is, while the device is charging, simply press and hold the power button (orange) and the volume down button together until the device restarts (see start-up procedure). In very rare cases, this may have to be repeated up to 5 times.
  • If the device still does not start despite a monkey grip and at least two hours of charging time, please contact us via

Recommended: Please use a standard USB power adapter and the included USB-C cable to charge your Scoobe3D.

If you want to charge the Scoobe3D via a USB port on a computer, please make sure that the port is a USB 3 port. Only then will the Scoobe3D get enough power to charge. A USB 2 port is not sufficient.

  • Watch the explanation as a video: Watch video
  • If the LED under the cameras is constantly lit, it means that the Scoobe3D Precision is too deeply discharged. Please charge the device to avoid damage to the batteries. A full battery charge can take up to 2 hours. The device will start automatically when the battery is sufficiently charged. At the same time, the LED will stop glowing.
  • If the LED is still lit after one hour of charging, use the monkey grip and charge it for another hour. To do this, simply press and hold the power button (orange) and volume down button together until the LED on the back flashes once. In very rare cases, the monkey hold must be repeated up to 5 times within the second hour of charging.
  • If the device still does not start despite a monkey grip and at least 2 hours of charging time, please contact our customer support via

If the display does not react, you can restart the device by using the monkey grip. To do this, simply hold down the power button (orange) and the volume down button at the same time until the device restarts (see start-up procedure).

High display brightness can lead to supply problems if Bluetooth and WLAN are also activated at the same time. Switch off Bluetooth and reduce the display brightness to 40-50% of the maximum value. This should solve the problem. If not, please contact

If you have read through the FAQs and have not found a solution to your problem with the Scoobe3D, please contact us via

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