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3D data as easy as a 2D photo

The Scoobe3D Precision is a smartphone-sized wireless 3D scanner with breakthrough technology.

Designed to help you easily create 3D models.

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Last updated 10/26/2023

We make high quality 3D data accessible

Why is this necessary? The market for 3D scanners has grown rapidly in recent years as industrial workers seek to improve their design and manufacturing processes to optimize the use of energy, time and materials.

Traditional 3D scanners are fraught with challenges: Wired devices limit mobility and do not scan all types of surfaces, including transparent and reflective surfaces.

In addition, intensive training is required to operate these devices, and once the 3D model is completed, the data cannot be corrected. These challenges make it difficult for industry personnel to effectively use 3D scanning technology in their operations, which hinders more efficient processes.

At Scoobe3D, we solve these challenges with a truly mobile and versatile 3D scanner that is unique in its kind: the pocket-sized wireless scanner uses patented Polarox technology developed by our leading international team.

The technology allows users to capture high-resolution 3D scans of any object, including transparent and reflective materials, with an easy-to-use interface. The scanner is particularly portable as the captured 3D data is calculated in the cloud, allowing users to create 3D data anywhere.

The first version of the scanner has already been developed and successfully used by 74 customers and 7 distributors. The scanner is currently targeted at the packaging development use case. The technology behind Scoobe3D is new worldwide.

Scoobe3D is now raising capital to build a second, optimized scanner version that additionally covers the remanufacturing use case. This will provide another industry sector with easy access to the much needed third dimension of data.

With our scalable business model and innovative technology, we can make high-quality 3D data easily accessible. Be part of the change!

2018 - 2022

Close-to-market development of a "deep tech" innovation

2022 - 2023

First series delivered to first customers

2023 - 2024

Distribution and scaling of the first series to the current industry
target group

Development of the 2nd iteration of the hardware product part for additional target groups

2025 -

Hyper-growth & targeting new adjacent use cases along the value chain.

Revolutionary solution for 3D scanning & digitizing
- wireless & pocket-sized

Easy to use

No learning curve, no software installations and no technical setup required. Step-by-step on-screen instructions


One-handed wireless use. Scan anywhere, even without internet

Scans any surface / no powder required

Works on all colors / Materials with industrial accuracy (0.5 - 0.1 mm)

Front and back of the Scoobe3D High-Precision industrial 3D Scanner mobile view

Our product

Scoobe3D Precision™ with patented Polarox™ technology

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A solution that eliminates the need for tedious searching, storing and duplicating of data

Editable 3D models (.STEP)

Allows the user to quickly correct erroneous data captured during the scanning process

Made for teamwork

Designed to enable teamwork with 3D models even remotely

The Scoobe3D Precision is already changing the 3D world

Customers & feedback providers

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Worldwide distributors

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Logo of our customer and partner PT Henindo Technologies
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Why invest now?

Advantages of investing in Scoobe3D

✔ Through Venture capital company financed Since 2020, which ensures high standards in reporting and risk control

✔ Technology is developed, financed and patented

✔ Production of the first series is completed (200+ devices)

Clear and proven market entry strategy With focus on distributors, supported by a highly experienced sales manager

Excellent partner network, with research institutes and customers who actively support product development

✔ The global market for intelligent manufacturing is growing by 18.5% per year, with 3D scanning use cases growing faster

High return potential: Gross profit per unit at €3.8k plus recurring revenue of > €1,000 per year.

✔ High exit potential due to high M&A activity in the Industrie 4.0 market (incl. 3D scanning market)

✔ Short time to break-even (break-even already planned for 2024)

Target return per year

Aimed multiple

Term until

51 - 76 %

6,62 - 15,24 x


Why invest in Scoobe3D?

Our investors and their unwavering support

Legal notice pursuant to Section 12 (2) of the German Investment Act (Vermögensanlagengesetz): The acquisition of this investment involves considerable risks and may result in the complete loss of the assets invested. The promised return is not guaranteed and may also be lower.

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