The world's new technology for quick, easy 3D models

Scan of a mechanical part with the Polarox technology of the Scoobe3D

The most important advantages of the new Polarox technology

Glossy and reflective surfaces

Scan a wide range of materials (e.g. metal, hard plastic) with the unique Polarox technology. Especially shiny or reflective objects, which are difficult for other 3D scanners, can be reliably digitised with the Scoobe3D. Save time-consuming preparation and quickly get a complete 3D model.

3D scan of a vice with reflective surfaces

Easy to operate



Polarox technology changes 3D scanning

The unique combination of three scanning technologies for easy scanning of almost all materials

3D model of a metallic bottle opener without special 3D technology
3D model of a metallic bottle opener with new Polarox technology

Aluminium bottle opener as a cloud of dots

With Polarox technology, you can easily create more accurate point clouds, even of reflective objects, without pre-processing.

Compare for yourself:

3D model of a mechanical part without special 3D technology
3D model of a mechanical part with new Polarox technology

Machine spare part made of steel as mesh

Get more detailed 3D models even of fine edges & reflective surfaces without additional preparation with Polarox technology.

Compare for yourself:

Patented Polarox technology in detail

Upper half of the back of the Scoobe3D approached to see the Polarox technology of the cameras.

Polarisation camera (NEW): Enables scanning of reflective, smooth surfaces for the first time

Time of Flight camera: Enables precise scaling of the 3D data

RGB Camera: Get textures for your 3D model through photogrammetry

Polarox - 3D models as easy as a 2D photo

The new patented Polarox technology was developed in Germany specifically to make all objects scannable. Polarox is composed of 3 different imaging processes:

  • Polarisation for smooth and reflective surfaces
  • The Time Of Flight to represent the actual size
  • The RGB camera for texture. Almost all materials can be scanned this way 

A specially developed artificial intelligence (AI) calculates dimensionally accurate 3D models from the data.

This saves you many steps, such as the time-consuming pre-processing of the scan objects with markers or chalk sprays. Especially for reflective surfaces like hard plastic or metal, this is unique worldwide.

3D scanning becomes as easy as taking a 2D panoramic photo.

Scoobe3D's goal is to make 3D scanning easy and accessible for everyone.

Polarox technology in numbers

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3D models in the 1st month
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Lines of code in the AI

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Only in the Scoobe3D Precision

The multitool among 3D scanners


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Fits in every pocket & ready for use anywhere


No pre-processing, just scan straight away

Front and back of the Scoobe3D High-Precision industrial 3D Scanner mobile view

How does the Scoobe3D work?

How to create your 3D model with Scoobe3D in 5 easy steps:

Play Video about Preview image of the German usage video shows how to use the Scoobe3D to scan an object
Play Video about Thumbnail of the English usage video shows how to use the Scoobe3D to scan an object

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