Create a 3D model as fast and easy as a photo – with Scoobe3D. Whether you want to scan and duplicate a spare part, create something new, or design scanned objects in CAD, the handy Scoobe3D is the innovative solution for anyone looking for an accurate and technically reliable 3D scanner.

Scoobe3D - 3D scanning technology

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Technical details of the Scoobe3D:
Dimension of the Scoobe3D: 140 mm x 65 mm x 10 mm

Scan volume for (small) objects: min. 0.02 x 0.02 x 0.02 (m) to max. 2 x 2 (m)
Resolution for (small) objects: 0.1 – 0.5mm

Scan volume for (large) objects: up to max. 72 m circumference at a height of 3 m
Resolution for (large) objects: 1 – 10 mm

Scan volume for rooms: up to max. 320 sqm or 72 m wall length at a height of 3 m
Resolution in rooms: 1 – 10 mm

Scan volume for floor areas: up to max. 240 sqm
Resolution for floor areas: 1 – 10 mm

Scan distance: min. 0.40 m to max. 2.5 m
Operating temperature: 10° C – 40° C
Data interface: WIFI
Exported file formats: STL, OBJ

Your advantages: thanks to intuitive handling and precise technology you save a lot of time and nerves. The future in your hands, get to know more about Scoobe3D!

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