Supported industries

Mechanical Engineering and Product Development

Whether 3D documentation or duplication and adjustment of a product - a 3D scanner will make it easier for you.

A warehouse clerk takes an older heating model out of the inventory to make room for products that are in frequent demand. Without a technical record, the special model cannot be reordered. Only a 3D documentation makes the rebuilding of such products possible.

A carpenter develops a perfectly curved, ergonomic chair from just one piece of wood. A 3D scan allows the exact construction of the object to be saved and reproduced as often as desired.

In business, it often requires handmade and individual single solutions for the customer. Solutions are worked out on site that are difficult to document. With a 3D scan you save a new complete survey, because the already worked out solution is always available. The implementation takes place directly on the spot - in the workshop.

Orthopedics / Prosthetics

Precise measurement is essential for the manufacturing of orthoses and prostheses. Up to now, this has been done using elaborate plaster negatives. 3D scanners are an efficient alternative for medical solutions that are tailored to the individual patient. An orthopedic technician uses a 3D scanner to detect malpositions of the spine and adjusts orthoses without the need for correction.

Online shops

Experience online shopping in a new way. 3D visualization ensures more customer interest in your articles. A study by Kim et al. proves that highly interactive elements such as 3D models significantly increase the shopping experience and customer participation compared to online shops with low image interactivity. Upgrade your online shop with 360° views and be one step ahead of your competition.