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Supported industries

Mechanical Engineering

Whether it's spare parts procurement, reverse engineering or 3D documentation of a product - a 3D scanner makes things easier for you.

If the CAD files for an older spare part are missing, the Scoobe3D Precision makes it easy to capture machine components in 3D. Use the editable STEP files to create precise manufacturing documentation and facilitate remanufacturing. This makes the procurement of new spare parts child's play. 

In business, it often requires handmade and individual single solutions for the customer. Solutions are worked out on site that are difficult to document. With a 3D scan you save a new complete survey, because the already worked out solution is always available. The implementation takes place directly on the spot - in the workshop.

It is also quicker and easier to reproduce products without a technical drawing. The editable STEP file of a 3D scan provides the basis for time-efficient duplication.

A warehouse clerk takes an older heating model out of the inventory to make room for products that are in frequent demand. Without a technical record, the special model cannot be reordered. Only a 3D documentation makes the rebuilding of such products possible.

Packaging industry

Equipped with user-friendly software, 3D scanners simplify the interpretation and processing of scan data.

Packaging professionals can easily analyze measurements, identify potential design errors and make precise adjustments with the editable STEP files.

The result is packaging that is perfectly matched to the product dimensions and brand requirements.


The 3D scanner captures complicated physical objects with precision and ease and converts them into detailed digital models.

Students can bring historical artifacts, scientific specimens and artistic creations to life and develop a deeper understanding of topics from different fields.

The scanner's user-friendly interface encourages active student participation in scanning, modeling and even 3D printing.

The back of the Scoobe3D 3d scanner
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